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Friday, July 10, 2020

Advision of Allahabad High Court bench on Thursday

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Advision of Allahabad High Court bench on Thursday

Allahabad High Court Advision Bench

Adivision bench of the Allahabad supreme court on Thursday granted bail to a former chief engineer of the Noida Authority while hearing a habeas corpus petition seeking his release from the alleged illegal custody of the CBI.

The HC, however, said he be released on fulfilling conditions to be laid down by the CBI court.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had arrested Yadav Singh on February 10 this year for allegedly assigning a contract to seven people at quite the prevalent market rates, thereby, causing financial losses to the govt .

In the petition before the court, it had been alleged that the CBI has not filed a blotter within the deadline , therefore, either the petitioner be granted bail or released from the CBI custody.

The counsel appearing for the CBI had told the court on Wednesday that the delay wasn't intentional as courts were closed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rejecting the CBI argument, the court said the agency isn't justified in claiming that the delay was caused by the closure of courts thanks to the pandemic.

The court thus directed that the petitioner be let loose forthwith on fulfilling the conditions to be laid down by the special court.

A two-judge bench comprising Justice Pritinkar Divakar and justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav also said the special judge (CBI) erred in law in rejecting the appliance filed by the petitioner under Section 167 (2) of the CrPC.

"Accordingly, the impugned order is about aside. The detention of the petitioner is held to be illegal and he's entitled to a default bail," the HC said.

A person arrested by CBI

July 10, 2020 0
A person arrested by CBI

39 year old man arrested

New Delhi: A 39-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly posing as a CBI official and robbing people after offering them a lift, police said on Thursday.
The accused, identified as Tinkal, alias Tedha, a resident of east Delhi's Trilokpuri, was arrested from his residence on Tuesday, they said, adding that his associates Mukesh and Girender are on the run.

The matter came to light after police received a complaint on June 30 from Ajeet Kumar Pal, who was robbed by the accused.

Mr Pal told police that he and a lover had boarded a car from Maharani Bagh bus represent Burari. The three accused were already seated in it and after a short time , they threatened Mr Pal and his friend and made them handy over their ATM cards, the police said.

The trio claimed to be CBI officials and were carrying weapons and wireless communication sets, they added.

The accused dropped Mr Pal and his friend near the ISBT in Kashmere Gate and withdrew Rs 1,70,000 from their accounts using the ATM cards, the police said.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) Kumar Gyanesh said bank transactions, cash withdrawal done by the suspects and CCTV footage were scanned to spot the accused.

In one footage, the lads were seen wearing masks and withdrawing money from an ATM in Kamla Nagar area, he added.

The officer said the accused used their car for the crime. one among them would reach a bus stand, identify a target and enquire about his destination. Meanwhile, his associates would arrive within the car, and therefore the accused would pretend to invite a lift and offer the target to hitch him.

After getting to a particular distance, they might falsely identify themselves as CBI or police officials and run recorded messages on wireless sets to realize the arrogance of the passenger. They then would claim that a robbery had taken place and therefore the passenger could get arrested during picket checking, he said.

On this pretext, they might ask the passenger handy over all belongings and keep them in an envelope. they might then threaten the person and force him to offer up ATM PIN numbers. then , would they dump the victim at an isolated place and flee, the officer added.

The accused was previously involved in 10 cases, including snatching, robbery, theft and cheating, the police said. A shopping receipt of Rs 99,253 was found in his house, and clothing items brought with the cash were seized.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

lockdown 4.0 Guidelines || lockdown 4.0 News Today

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lockdown 4.0 Guidelines || lockdown 4.0 News Today

lockdown 4.0 Guidelines  

we're now getting exclusive details of lockdown 4.0 sources telling us that this lockdown is expected to be continuing for two more weeks that's still 31st tentatively guidelines may be issued late today all tomorrow morning is when they're expecting clarity from the MHA autos buses cabs could get permission to fly in all areas except in containment zones red zones could be redefined in the country and non-essentials are likely to be allowed by an eCommerce website.

lockdown 4.0

So non-essential delivery will also be allowed everywhere except in containment zones offices and factories could also have more workforce remember at this point it's at 33% but there has been a request made by industries to raise the cap to 50% so it's something that the government is also considering but what we're looking at is slowly normalcy creeping in that is the effort from the government as public transport could be back on the roads but we understand that all this will be in several parts of the country but not in containment zones converge it is joining us with more details on this cover Jake what's the information that you've been able to pick up from government sources or what's likely from Monday to be the situation in the country well till late last night who Marisa a Machado sitting Jerri taking meetings what is significant is some of the states who were supposed to give their submissions in the deadline assented quite late and that is why this kind of taking time for center to draw up those guidelines the fine print whenever it's ready either by late evening today or tomorrow is expected to be shared but crucially estates will have more states specially in terms of defining the hot spot the containment zone now yes or what we've seen in long term tree as well that if knowledge activity was allowed in larger fair areas but now the states have emphasized that

lockdown 4.0 News Today

Economy has to be back on track people have to get back to work there should be more people and obviously companies which can afford to work from home should do so yes but the rest of them need to actually get back they have to in maintain a new form of work and social distancing how I'm asked all the time all these are measures which are going to be taking place apologies companies with completely run out of time but thank you for joining us we're expecting the guidelines to be issued late today or tomorrow let's turn though at the top to give you  the big breaking news on lockdown 4.0  we've got the details of lockdown 4.0  for you that's right the big news at the  moment is that lockdown 4.0 is likely to  continue for two more weeks till the  31st of May new lockdown guidelines  likely to the announced either later  tonight or more likely tomorrow morning  autos buses taxis could get permission  to fly all except containment zones red  zones could be redefined and that's  important non-essential likely to be  Allah allowed by ecommerce websites in  all except containment areas offices  factories could have more work force  request made by industries to raise the  cap to 50% from 33% so we will have lots  of details  our correspondent Kemal ji is joining us  at the moment with the regulator's come  Ajith significant eyes the government  going to make a distinction between a  red zone in a containment zone that  unlike in the previous lock downs this  time a few more relaxations.

Outside of  containment zone enhance relaxation with  greater amount of flexibility in  lockdown 3 itself they had opened up  economic activities in red zone Rajdeep  so in that particular sense of what  states have now been telling the center  is that they want to have a greater say  as far as the hotspots are concerned and  now we've been told that at least 30  such multiple say sector cities have  been identified which are the hot spots  for instance it's Pune and Mumbai in  Maharashtra then there is Indore Bupa in  Madhya Pradesh Amritsar in Punjab so  these are hot spots Delhi is a hot spot  so in that particular sense what is also  significant is that they would be an  easing up of mass traffic of you talking  about trains and claims that's the big  question mark because remember the final  guideline is still not out but  eventually the way Center is going  special trains have been arranged trauma  trains have been arranged but will will  will there be traffic in specially in  green zones love dawn 4.0 is all set to begin in the country and the Karnataka government is considering to relax the lockdown norms further in the state Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa on Friday hinted that the lockdown 4.0 comes with a fewer restrictions here is how the Karnataka government will relax the norms during the fourth phase of the lockdown 4.0

Thursday, May 14, 2020

14 May All India News In English

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14 May All India News In English

14 May All India News In English

3112 fees allocated from the Prime Minister case foreign for went Alito's migrant labourers and vaccine development to fight the co with 19 pandemic Bannister moldy thanks to generous donors to Prime Minister case pond the finance minister on Wales 20 lakh crore rupees at Minerva Bharath package announced to Iran is Timothy earlier the 15-point action plan for all the sectors of the economy including cottage industries MS m.e the migrant labourers and the middle-class taxpayers the finance minister says the 45 lakh MSM is to benefit announces collateral-free loans worth 3 lakh rupees for the MSM ease with turnover up to 100 crore rupees till 31st of October the governm
ent reduces the EPF contribution to off the private-sector employers and employees from the current mandated twelve to ten percent for the next three months the EPF card will be applicable for the month of June July and August this year the move to benefit seventy two lakh workers of the government PS use the employers contribution will remain at twelve percent fifty-thousand.

Chlorophyll liquidity through the tds and the TCS rate reduction the period of Lavazza vishwas field for making payment without additional amount extended to 31st december this year the due date of all the income tax returns of an entire 2019-20 extended to 30th november realice state gets a boost in the cove at 19 package the contractors get six months extra to complete the projects the government issued advisory to all the states and the unit territories and the real estate regulates the authorities to automatically extend the registration of all the real estate projects registered under rera the one-day power of Mission Continues to bring Indian stranded in various countries on the eighth day today a thousand 680 Indians reach home the second phase from the 16th to 22nd of this month to see 149 files from 31 countries the

Indian Railways

Indian Railways operate services on 15 select trains.

Shami trains also continue applying the wait list tickets to be issued from the 22nd 47,000 480 active cases of covered 19 in India 24,000 385 people have recovered 2415 people have died or 43 lakh people in fact is globally back over 19 over to lack 96,000 lose their lives

Prime Minister K Swan Trust has decided to allocate 3112 bees for the fight against the covert 19 pandemic and the amount will be used among other things to to purchase ventilators and caring for migrant workers are the 100 crore apiece nearly 2,000 crore rupees will be earmarked for the purchase of made in India ventilators and 1000 crore P for care of migrant laborers in other hundred crore rupees will be given to support the co19 vaccine development efforts fam Mr. Modi had announced the creation of the Prime Minister's citizen assistance and relief in emergency situations found the Prime Minister case wand where people can contribute to help the government fight against the covert 19 and similar distressing situations the trust was formed on 27th of March and is headed by the Prime Minister the other ex-officio members of the trust are the defense minister the Home Minister and the finance minister for augmenting the infrastructure to tackle the covert 19 cases across the country 50,000 made in India went leaders will be purchased from the Prime Minister case one at a cost of approximately 2,000 crore rupees and these went leaders will be provided to the government on covered hospitals in all the states and union territories

Who better treatment of the critical covert 19 cases several institutions of higher learning and different establishments have pitched in to produce the low-cost went leaders after the outbreak of the virus and for strengthening the existing measures being taken for the welfare of the migrants and the poor the states and the Union Territories will be given a lump sum assistance totaling 1000 crore rupees from the fund the amount would be provided to state governments and the Union Territories for district collectors or municipal commissioners to strengthen efforts to provide accommodation food medical treatment and transportation to the migrant to support the covert 19 vaccine designers and developers an amount of hundred QROPS will be given from the front as a helping hand to catalyze vaccine development the hundred crore piece would be utilized under the supervision of the principal scientific advisor finance minister University Raman on Wednesday announced a 3 lakh crore rupees of the collateral free loans of for small businesses cut the tax rate for the non salary

payments and provided liquidity to the non banking companies to held them tight over the disruptions caused by the lockdown announcing the first set of components of the 20 lakh crore pika with 19 economic stimulus package announced by Prime Minister Modi earlier the minister said that 9 3000 crore P liquidity infusion will be made in the electricity distribution companies to help them file the current financial stress here are the details Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday announced a number of decisions taken by the government to deal with the fallout of the corona virus pandemic and the log down on the people and the economy the f-m presented details of tuesday's 20 lakh crore rupees relief package announced by the prime minister at the outset itself Nirmala Sitharaman clearly stated that she had something for all sectors including DM SME 15 different measures six of which which pertained to the micro small and medium enterprises to relate to the employee Employees Provident Fund to relate to the NBF C's housing plan some finance corporations and the IMF iced microfinance institutions one relates to this comes one relates to contractors one relates to real estate and three are tax measures that we have taken her first announcements were measures aimed at boosting the micro small and medium enterprises or the M SME sector among the major announcements she made rupees three lakh crore collateral free automatic loans for businesses including MSMEs 20 thousand crore rupees subordinate debt will be provided for stressed MSMEs four thousand crore rupees credit guarantee for MSME sector fund of funds for MSME is being created which will infuse fifty thousand crore rupees equity into MSM ease with growth potential MSME definition has been changed global tenders will be banned for government

procurement up to two hundred crore rupees 25 crore outstanding for those MSME units for whom 25 growth is the outstanding loan or hundred crores whose turnover is will benefit from this a liquidity relief of 2500 crore rupees EPF support is being given to all EPF establishments EPF contribution will be paid by the Government of India for another three months till August and will benefit more than 72 lakh employees increase in take-home salary the statutory PF contribution for those who are not covered in the early over he is being reduced from 12 percent to 10 percent so for the next three months employers need to pay only 10 percent and not 12 percent so that they will have some more money in their hands in a major relief to contractors the finance minister announced extension of up to 6 months without cost to contractor to be provided by all central agencies like railways Ministry of Road Transport and highways central Public Works Department and so on the railways Road Transport highways CPW etc will now give 6 months extension without any cost to the contractors so that that extension should cover construction work or goods and services contracts that they have with central government agencies they can take additional six months to come comply with the contract she father announced a 30 thousand crore apiece special liquidity scheme for NB FCS in addition to an amount of forty five thousand crore rupees for a partial guarantee scheme to enable NB FC is to provide easier loans for MSM ease forty five thousand crore.

Liquidity infusion through a partial credit guarantee scheme for the NBA FCS in particular this you this is an existing scheme but we expanding its scope a number of steps to provide relief to taxpayers were also announced by the government with lotsa Vishwas scheme budget k samarium light a lake in a booth former CTO coach LT is kobe Genco pavement carnea koi etheric etheric payment Nakia been an additional amount the Avena his Co it cut this number those are be stuck extend cardi a guy talking up those are B's because it's imported payment concept a was myopic way a trick correctly the finance minister in her press conference said that the Atma near her heart package announced by the prime minister on Tuesday will spur growth and build a self-reliant India while staying connected with the rest of the world she said that the massive new financial incentive on on top of the previously announced packages are expected to give a new impetus to a sagging economy and provide relief to Krauze of Indians reeling from the impact of measures to battle covert 19 with Abhishek JA and Adam Mishnah Newsnight desk did India the Union Minister for MSM ease and Road Transport and highways

Minister Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday welcome relief packet for the MSME sector saying it will re-energize the indigenous industry which is very important they will get the all concessions from the banks and the government which are already giving to the MSM is so this is really giving it a very very good overall small-scale industries and the demand was waiting last many days Maori the minister said that the turnover of the village industry has been around 88 thousand crore rupees which the government has passed to take forward to 5 lakh crore rupees in the next two years saying that the stimulus package will help achieve this target in a big way the minister added that the kadhi sector will play a big role in this as it is entering into years we will increase the export the daily which is prepared by kadhi is already going to international market and then in case to you they are using kadhi will be possible and it is going to give a boost to the practical the small rivers now the union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has welcomed to a mr. Modi's announcement of a package of 20 lakh rupees for every sector of the country the minister said the special attention has also been taken for the people belonging to agriculture and rural areas

Vucelich IKEA piraju packaged hey this man kayakalpa carnival ahora come gyorko our kickball de navarra hoga hamari infrastructure kobold animala hoga or deskey our ticket video collage would carniola hoga rogue RK Okinawa now the government's announcement of economic stimulus of 20 lakhs rupees has invited appreciation from various business tycoons from the industry here are some of them who welcomed this decision because Nick about a banana cow whoa Bava thi was may her in son Kelly Hara bhara basically coachnik which was made me Liga PF but I was married TDS comically keypad but I hear MSN make a definition change cut the edge okay time say pending my bath charity Arjun only one ounce Katya oh no no baby just say ke with yo Johnny whoa okay MSME Kat I remain eyeing a ring or coffee advantage of simulator we fully support Prime Minister's vision of self client country based upon five pillars of economy infrastructure technology demography and demand this is a welcome initiative that will propel India's growth and trip up India of future the Welcome announcement is made by Finance Minister villa will go a long way in driving the much aided demand and liquidity in the system also it will protect earnings both are individual and corporate level this is what India needed at this hour on behalf of CIA

Chhattisgarh we welcome the art Munir by Bharat abhiyaan stimulus and also by the Government of India this is much-needed support being extended to MSM ease and be FCS and discounts the proactiveness shown by the government will reassure businesses and the common man we appreciate the reform driven approach for our neighbor Bharat announcement by a finance minister on colette for free loans liquidity boosting measures and several beneficial schemes for MSM ease and DFCS and discounts are steps in the right direction after the Prime Minister's announcement of the relief package yesterday we were happy to see the Honorable Finance Minister announced certain law points the 25% reduction in tedious and the non collateral loans to MSM ease is the welcome step the army chief for general Manoj Mukul Nirvana has said that the new Kashmiri terror group the resistance front or the tiara should be called the terror revival front and that it is being supported by proxies from across the bottom because that's all it is it is another terrorist organization by another name there should be no doubt about that whatsoever and this is a terrorist organization supported by its proxies from across the border and we have no doubt they have got foreign support and over the years a number of terrorist organizations have come up with different names but that's what they are terrorist.

Organizations moving on now day eight of the one-day birth mission will see one flight from Jeddah to Kochi and two flights from the by one flight is scheduled for Bhuvaneshwari and the other to Delhi nearly 550 passengers are expected to fly back today from Jeddah and the by from the by this is the first slide to orisha under the one-day bharat mission the priority for repatriation has been given to workers in distress elderly people urgent medical cases expecting women and other stranded in difficult situations and only those who are found to be asymptomatic will be allowed to board the flight and an Air India Express special flight carrying around 177 million nationals from Dubai arrived at the Amritsar airport all the 177 Indians are very happy to be back home to their motherland

however, it will take them another two weeks to reach home as they will all be quarantined for the mandatory 14 days yet the base is a plate or this maker typically be excess of the third log here India Express key flight tobe government key rules and equations everyone go follow Chiara Joe b1k sanitization distancing Adobe norms it was a purification so deep garb the father of one of the 177 Indian said he has come to the airport just to see his son as he hasn't seen him for a long time he son used to work in the Bible to do the log down he was stuck there Garg thanked the Government of India for his son's safe return however due to security issues no international returning from Dubai was allowed to meet with the media mess of kebab

Bob built it the never get worried but Prashant sneaked at the mega video is submerged sir Ector of Natasha value here but as Abbas sorry but genuinely shocked akhirin Jagger who the government did not establish thankfully now the government is running several trains to take the migrant workers and laborers trapped in other states of the country to their home states the Indian Railways has decided to issue waiting list tickets on the 22nd of this month now 50% fee will not be deducted on the cancellation of the tickets and special trains and the obligation to cancel the ticket 24 hours before has also been removed the railways have also fixed the waiting list limit in these trains the railways has made a waiting list of 100 tickets for AC 3-tier 54 AC to tier 104 cheer car and 20 for the first-class AC also 20 for the executive class and 200 tickets for sleeper clause for the journey starting from the 22nd of this month changes will be made in the tickets booked from the 15 and since the maximum period of reservation for special trains has been kept for seven days

The passengers will be able to book the tickets with a waiting list from the 15 they will also be no ERISA ticket in these trains as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare latest update on the core with 19 cases in the country the total number of confirmed cases in India now stands at 74 thousand to 81 out of which 47,000 480 are active cases 24,000 385 people have recovered from the virus so far and 2415 people have lost their lives in Nepal a sudden spike in the covert 19 cases has been reported in the last few days 26 more people have reported positive taking the tally to 243 according to the ministry of health and population 12 persons from Groupon dahi district 9 from kapilavatthu free from Parsa and one each from novel

Parsi and bunkie districts have been diagnosed with code 19 on Tuesday 83 people had tested positive the condition of all the new patients is said to be normal there are 210 active cases in the Himalayan nation while 33 patients have recovered so far now more than 43 lakh people have been infected by covert 19 globally and over 2 lakh 96 thousand people have died worldwide the u.s. currently accounts for the highest number of Ko with 19 deaths in the world at more than eighty-four thousand fifty-nine followed by UK in the second place with more than 33,000 facilities other countries with over 20,000 deaths are Italy with over 31,000 hundred and six Spain with more than 27,000 hundred four and France with over 27,000 seventy-seven deaths and with that it's a wrap on this edition of The News thanks for being with us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

20 lakh karod relief package announced, but where will the money come from?

May 13, 2020 0
20 lakh karod relief package announced, but where will the money come from?

20 lakh karod relief package announced, but where will the money come from?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a package of 20 lakh karod rupees. There was a demand for such a huge package to deal with Kovid-19 and strengthen the country's economic situation. However, there is also the question that how will 20 lakh karod rupees be used? Some understand this as how it can be accomplished.

20 lakh karod pm modi
20 lakh karod modi

Actual package is 13 lakh karod rupees

However, the way people have received the money in foreign countries, it is not going to happen in India. Here the government will not give money in hand. The government will reform labor, land, law and support liquidity. The actual package is 13 lakh karod rupees. First of all, understand that the package that has been announced has been done by combining all the packages of 20 lakh karod ago. The RBI has so far given a package of Rs 5 lakh karod. 1.70 lakh karod has been given by the government. In total, it was Rs 6.70 lakh karod. Now if we remove 6.70 out of 20 lakh karod, then the government can give a package of 13 lakh karod

20 lakh karod will come from where?

The government only has to calculate Rs 13 lakh karod. First of all, the tax will be withdrawn from LTCG. Then dividend distribution tax will be added to corporate tax. 6 months moratorium can be given to GST, which will give 6 lakh karod. The rest of the money that the government wants will be met by its lending program.

How much will the government borrow?

The government has increased the borrowing for the current fiscal due to the Kovid-19 crisis. Now the government has decided to borrow Rs 12 lakh karod for FY 2021. This amount will be 4.20 lakh karod more than the target of 7.80 lakh karod rupees borrowing already set in the budget.

Why is the government borrowing heavily from the market this year?

Kovid-19 attack has spoiled all the budget figures and estimates. The government is struggling with shortage of money. The entire economy of the country has stalled since March 24 due to the lockdown. The tax collection has been badly affected. The government's earnings have come down drastically.

Government not relieved from GST collection too?

Business activities in the country have come to a standstill. The government's GST earnings came down to Rs 28000 karod in March. GST was around 1 lakh karod rupees before March.

Could the government make a separate budgetary announcement?

For this, the government could make a separate budgetary announcement only when the government brought the Kovid-19 special budget.

Can the government increase its target to borrow more?

Actually, the package announced by the government of 20 lakh karod was not expected by anyone. The lending target the government had set was to bridge the revenue deficit. But when the package of 20 lakh karod has been released, the government can increase the lending further. Or it can get something by taxing rich people.